Josh Howie | Thu 2 Feb | Glee Club | £10
Josh Howie loves Birmingham, if you have any doubt then read this, and we love Josh. Fresh from the success of his BBC Radio sitcom ‘Losing It’, in which the comedian comes to terms with impending fatherhood in hilarious fashion, Josh brings new show ‘Messed Up’ to the Glee. Fearlessly tackling subjects too thorny for others with an abrasive charm and an acerbically quick witted mind his live shows are a joy. Oh and if you have any recommendations for good breakfast places within 4 miles of the city please let Josh know. booking.glee

Bianca Del Rio | Mon 6 Feb | Symphony Hall | £38
Bianca has enjoyed a slew of insult comedy shows around the globe and now she’s coming to the second city to perform a one night only, no-holds-barred show that will have you literally floored with laughter. The self-professed ‘clown in a gown’ will give you the best of what you expect from her hilariously hateful foul-mouthed comedy. Read our full preview here.

Matt Forde | Sat 11 Feb | The Old Rep | £15
The man with his finger on the limping pulse of contemporary politics brings his ‘It’s My Political Party’ show to the Old Rep. A ubiquitous presence on television and radio appearing on shows such as ‘Have I Got News For You’, ‘Mock the Week’ and even ‘Question Time’, his sharp observations on the absurdity of political chicanery and an uncanny ability to change comedic gear in a flash make him a whip crack blast live. ticketsource

John Shuttleworth | Sun 12 Feb | Town Hall | £20
The artist formerly known as Jilted John has been happily forging ahead with the most underwhelming pop career in musical history, armed with only a Yamaha PSS portable keyboard and the Sun Tzu level of Machiavellian management provided by next door neighbour and agent Ken Worthington. John’s simple Northern charm and ability to tap into the zeitgeist of popular culture has kept his canon of classic songs relevant and essential listening for the most discerning music lovers of a certain age. Read our full preview here.

Susan Calman | Fri 17 Feb & Sat 18 Feb | mac | £16 
The ex-corporate lawyer has spent a decade building a reputation as one of the funniest female comedians in the business. Susan’s familiar Scottish burr has become a familiar fixture on a host of panel shows, her pithily dry observations a source of genuine hilarity. She brings new show ‘The Calman Before the Storm’ to the mac for two nights of her intelligent and breezy comedy. Never anything less than engaging and charming Susan’s show’s are great inclusive fun. macbirmingham

Richard Herring | Thu 23 Feb | The Old Rep | £15
One half of 90’s comedy duo Lee and Herring, the other half being our own Stewart Lee, Richard has been a stalwart presence on the stand up circuit for two decades touring an incredible 12 one man shows. When he hasn’t been touring Herring has been a prolific writer for some of the UK’s most renowned comedy legends including the legendary Chris Morris. What better way to celebrate such an esteemed legacy than cherry picking his favourite routines and performing them together in one breakneck show, a greatest hits if you will. ‘The Best’ is a unique comedic history lesson from one of our greatest comedians. ticketsource

Sean Lock | Mon 27 Feb & Tue 28 Feb | Birmingham Hippodrome | £20
With his deadpan despair at the utter ridiculousness of modern life Sean Lock can sometimes cut a despairing figure. His despair usually spells laughs for the rest of us though, as he shakes his head and launches into yet another miserably hilarious diatribe against the futility of it all. He has promised to ‘Keep It Light’ with his new show; so be prepared for Lock performing ballet and an intricate exposition on the clown inhabited land of Wackyistan, but we know Sean and his cheery cynicism is never far away. Read our full preview here.

Thu 2 Feb - Tue 28 Feb
Giles Logan
Published on:
Wed 1 Feb 2017