Photographer Liz Hingley spent two years photographing the citizens of Smethwick, the results of which can be seen in the beautiful book ‘Home Made In Smethwick’. Her premise was simple, ask the question what is your favourite family recipe? This managed to not only unearth a staggering array of beautiful food from all parts of the world but unlocked a myriad of fascinating and complex stories from the inhabitants of one of the most culturally diverse places in the UK. Working with the Brushstrokes Community Project Liz was invited and welcomed into people’s homes to experience their food, hospitality and warmth. The resulting photographs are testament to the good will and welcoming nature of the town. Visitors to the launch will receive a guided tour of the exhibition and be able to sample some of the recipes from the book for real. The event will tour six libraries in the area beginning with Smethwick.

Mon 16 Jan 2.30pm at Smethwick Library, High Street, Smethwick B66 1AA Free the exhibition coninues until Fri 10 Feb before it begins its tour of other libraries. See Schedule below.

Smethwick Library / 0121 558 0497– 16 January – 10 February 2017
Wednesbury / 0121 556 0351 -13 February – 10 March
Oldbury / 0121 552 5933 – 13 March – 12 April
Tipton / 0121 557 1796 – 13 April – 12 May
Blackheath / 0121 559 1884 – 15 May – 9 June
Central Library, West Bromwich / 0121 569 4904 – 12 June – 10 July

Mon 16 Jan - Mon 10 Jul
Giles Logan
Published on:
Mon 23 Jan 2017