Funky purveyors of the new breed of ‘family rave’ currently storming the nation, Big Fish Little Fish call their pint-size parties ‘fun for the post-rave generation’ but don’t worry, the kids get their kicks too. Tickets sell like the proverbial hot-cakes for these (wacky?) warehouse-style raves and July’s space-themed event featuring DJs from D-ream (*Sc-ream*) is already guest-list only, so old-timers keen to show their offspring how to throw some serious shapes had better get a move on for May. May’s ‘Mermaids and Pirates’ event has an undersea theme so expect the multi-sensory dancefloor to feature bubbles and a giant parachute and a glitter cannon – obviously. And its not all incessant pounding house music (levels are kept safe for small ears), add into the mix soft play areas with tents and tunnels, craft tables creating a giant mural, face painters, plenty of play doh, as well chill-out areas for babies with ball pools and bean bags and the all important cake and savoury food stalls. Neon, whistles, glow sticks and all the other rave paraphenalia are strongly encouraged as well as a large dose of happy nostalgic humour. Talk about children of the revolution.

Sun Mar 22, The Rainbow Warehouse, 129 Lower Trinity Street, Birmingham, B9 4AG. 2pm-4.30pm, £8.50 adult £5.50 child.
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Sun 22 May
Hana Borrowman
Published on:
Sat 7 May 2016