Some of us have a bit of a thing for the wing at Birmingham Wire. Last year we went to Wing Fest in London to fix the fetish, but failed. This is why Wing Fest x Bingo Rave is an event on our calendar – and yes we know events here – but this one is in highlighted, in yellow. If you’re a fan of cheap chicken saturated in flavoursome sauces, in many different varieties, you’ll probably share our sense of satisfaction that this time it’s on home turf and the bird involved is fully gourmet gear. We’re talking wings served on a waffle with maple syrup and Rebel India’s Lick Me Wings; a four-senses explosion of Indian layered flavours. Couple that with the newest craze to hit Birmingham, Bingo Rave and early bird tickets at £3, and seriously, you had us at funky chicken. It all starts with a game of bingo, standard, apart from instead of winning useless trinkets, you get drinks tickets, free entry to nights out and dinners for two in Birmingham as well as cash prizes. What’s more, after you’ve shouted BINGO out in chicken-greased exultation, you get to spend these accumulated prizes at the very party in your midst straight after. Like a rave – with gravy…

Sat 8 Oct, Lab 11 Trent Street, Birmingham, B5 5NL, 2pm – 10pm. See:

Sat 8 Oct
Rico Johnson-Sinclair
Published on:
Fri 2 Sep 2016