The CBSO has always had a reputation for being daring and innovative in its productions. In Cold Calling they may well have exceeded their own ridiculously high standards with a complex and daring live production that combines music and theatre in a unique and compelling way. Exploring themes of love, loneliness and loss against a changing backdrop of arctic landscapes accentuating these emotions. Featuring music composed by Nick Powell, who has worked in productions on Broadway and in the West End as well as in cinema, TV and with celebrated musicians such as Astrid, McCalmont & Butler and Strangelove. A 20 piece chamber orchestra conducted by Johnathan Bloxham performs the dreamily wistful music punctuated with dialogue from actors Jan Pearson and Waleed Akhtar. Escape into your imagination.

Fri 16 Sep to Sat 17 Sep various times at Repertory Theatre, Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2EP £25

Fri 16 Sep - Sat 17 Sep
Giles Logan
Published on:
Sat 10 Sep 2016