Don’t say we never give you nuthin’, this night is gonna be so simply gorgeous, a sweat box of dreamy beats and rhythms with Melbourne’s master of the groove Harvey Sutherland that we thought we’d find a way to share the love. If you don’t know the former musician, Sutherland aka Mike Katz, alias Mike Kay (his talents way exceed one moniker, people), his gifts to the dancefloor began as a former member of party collective and eponymous label This Thing, though he really found his larger fan-base groove when he adopted the name Harvey Sutherland and began developing the breezy style he’s now known for. Bermuda, the track Sutherland released last year has so many sunshine disco overtones its pretty much the musical incarnation of the Snoopy dance and now we get Bermuda live, a ‘futuristic disco’ trio that sees him collaborating with the drummer Graeme Pogson and the string player Tamil Rogeon taking his sweet soulful funk and disco house vibes on to a whole new level. Gifted and talented? Much. See you on the dancefloor (we’ll be the ones wearing the beatific smiles and looking skywards).

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Thu 1 Jun, Hare & Hounds, High Street, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7JZ £12.50 or ticket offer, two for £15.

Thu 1 Jun
Hana Borrowman
Published on:
Sat 20 May 2017