For well over three decades and across 14 studio albums Bristol art rockers the Blue aeroplanes have been ploughing a uniquely narrow furrow of rousing rock rhythms combined with punk rock attitude and a general sense of simmering weirdness. Utterly impossible to pigeon hole, unless your pigeon holing is done on a daily basis, endlessly inventive and wildly mischievous they wilfully play with genres, styles and lyrical subjects. No two gigs are ever the same, one could follow a whole tour and have a different experience each night. Gerard Langley’s laconic almost lazy vocal delivery comes with a huge twinkle in the eye and the sight of Wojtek Dmochowski still gracefully dancing across the stage after all these years is beguiling and strangely comforting. Latest album Welcome Stranger has just been released, their first in six years, and it’s a belter. Highly influential and highly recommended. Prepare to be born again, again.

Thu 19 Jan 7pm at Hare and Hounds, High Street, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7JZ £12.50 skiddle


Thu 19 Jan
Giles Logan
Published on:
Sun 1 Jan 2017