What if every single day you were compelled to repeat the word biscuit 16,000 times? Even if you wanted to stop you couldn’t because the inexplicable organic chemistry of your brain had struck you down with Tourette’s. This is the fate of Jess Thom. But rather than be defined by her condition she has incorporated it into what is one of the most unpredictably surreal and fascinating pieces of comedic theatre you are ever likely to see. There is a script, that is very rarely adhered too, there is also an emergency script carried by co-conspirator and non-Tourette’s sufferer Jess Mable-Jones, just in case. The pair have such great chemistry on stage and the edginess of knowing anything can happen or be uttered at any time no matter how sweary is quite profound. A riotous joy that we highly recommend. Live young die biscuity.

Tue 17 Jan to Sat 21 Jan various times at Repertory Theatre,  Broad St, Birmingham B1 2EP From £10 www.birmingham-rep.co.uk/

Tue 17 Jan - Sat 21 Jan
Giles Logan
Published on:
Sun 1 Jan 2017