Taking their cue from August Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, the Cardboard Citizens have been producing theatre with and for homeless people for 25 years. Award winning playwright Ali Taylor’s Cathy is based on Ken Loach’s Cathy Comes Home but with particular emphasis on the obstacles facing the homeless today. How do the ‘Cathy’s’ of today cope with homelessness and what has driven them to this position? Social pressures may have evolved but their effect on the vulnerable is just as profound. Powerful, moving and emotionally raw, Cathy is a unique theatre experience. Followed by a forum session in which the audience are encouraged to take part in a theatrical debate on the issues raised and even assist in providing a live rewriting of the story. Part of the mac’s Seeking Shelter season highlighting homelessness. Read our full preview here.
Thu 19 Jan 8pm & Fri 20 Jan 8pm £12 macbirmingham

Thu 19 Jan - Fri 20 Jan
Giles Logan
Published on:
Sun 1 Jan 2017