The plot may be risible; ‘The Kid’, played by Prince in his acting debut, must overcome an emotionally and sometimes violent home life, rival bands and his own ego to achieve success. With some of the most awkward acting ever committed to film, love interest Apollonia Kotero was nominated for a Razzie as ‘Worst New Star’, and some excruciating dialogue, ‘God got Wendy’s periods reversed. About every 28 days she starts acting nice’. But what this film does have in spades is the wonderful music of the diminutive maestro, whilst the title track is an obvious pick as best tune in the film it’s jam packed with classic after classic. We’re not going to mention Apollonia 6’s ‘Sex Shooter’, another Razzie nomination for ‘Worst Song’. It’s a film that despite the industrial grade cheese on show is elevated to cult classic by the very presence of Prince and his music, it almost feels like ‘The Kid’ has to fight the movie itself to be heard. What a star he was and is still sorely missed. Purple Rain declared to the world that a special talent was here. After the screening the mighty soul band Trope will be performing and have promised to throw several Prince classics into their set, there will also be a DJ set from the acclaimed DJ Psykhomantus. A stunning celebration of a great artist.

Fri 30 Dec 8pm at mac, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham B12 9QH £8

Fri 30 Dec
Giles Logan
Published on:
Thu 1 Dec 2016