Admit it! You have been desperate for some intergenerational poetry theatre about Birmingham starring the best in local poetry talent. Well your prayers have been answered. We may be the second city, but we are the best second city in the world, and no fewer than 15 poets aged between sixteen and sixty are going to tell you why. There is also music from Zack Esposito, Niall Jones and Tim Balnaves, and visuals from Paul Stringer and Tommy Xiao Ji Wu. Celebrate your city. As poet Carl Sealeaf puts it in his piece ‘Dear Birmingham’, “Look how well we’re doing London – Look how well.”

Sat 17 Sep and Sun 18 Sep 7pm at mac, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham B12 9QH £5

Sat 17 Sep - Sun 18 Sep
Giles Logan
Published on:
Thu 15 Sep 2016