Not even appearing in an Anchor butter advert or in the celebrity jungle can damage the indestructible cred of punk rock royalty John Lydon. His super charged whining vocals are as much a part of the alternative musical landscape as Ozzy’s are to metal. He may be older but wiser? Not so sure! Expect a barrage of Richard III histrionics, not so subtle barracking and tunes most bands would die for. PiL have always been miles ahead of the over produced cod metal of ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ Pistols who; without the hype, colour and three good singles weren’t all that! If you need proof get your mitts on the metal box album and set your minds to blown. This will sell out quick so move yourselves.

Fri 18 Nov 7pm at O2 Institute, 78 Digbeth High Street, Birmingham B5 6DY £30.25

Fri 18 Nov
Giles Logan
Published on:
Sat 8 Oct 2016