You don’t get anything for free nowadays, or so the sceptics would have you believe. But The Stable are offering you just that, with a free cider tasting. Order some of their piquant pizza, and prepare to embark on a cider adventure, as you try over five ciders with your meal. With their new food menu launching on 13 March, this is the perfect opportunity to sample some of The Stable’s new delights, whilst also enjoying an array of alcohol – the perfect start to the week. As all of the pre-booked slots are now gone (like all good things, they flew out of the door), but there are a few on-the-night night places available, so make sure to get down there early for a little pizza heaven.

Mon 27 March, 7.30pm at The Stable, John Bright Street, Birmingham B1 1BE,

Mon 27 Mar
Sairah Rehman
Published on:
Sat 18 Mar 2017