Come and join the Dandy Revolution! Birmingham’s Theatre scene has always been thriving, but the sudden onslaught of groundbreaking fringe theatre is setting our second city on fire. The Old Joint Stock stands firmly as one of those centre stage in this off-piste movement. Hot on the heels of their performances as part of SHOUT Festival,  it brings you the bespectacled retro-hipster appeal of Chap-Hop.  Mr. B, The Gentleman Rhymer has performed his fusion of rap with a gentlemanly swagger coupled with the Queen’s English, all over the world. In an effort to reconnect Hip hop with manners he’s taken over Japan, The Arctic Circle, Europe, The U.S and even Surrey. Banjolele in hand, he attempt to tackle the subjects of High Society, Crickets, the current state of hip hop, and the appropriate time to arrive at an orgy. Fashionably early we’d assume?

Sat 10 Dec 8pm- 10pm at Old Joint Stock, 4 Temple Row West, Birmingham, B2 5NY. £12

Sat 10 Dec
Rico Johnson-Sinclair
Published on:
Wed 9 Nov 2016