Jon Richardson | Thu 4 May | Hippodrome | £20.50
The deadpan miserablist is a ubiquitous presence on television with his peculiar brand of self-deprecation and blunt personal honesty. Richardson’s  comedic style is forthright and engaging, piquing that ‘we’re all in this together’ interest that so many comics attempt and fail. Be it lengthy discussions about his knitwear or dipping into the ridiculous political diaspora of contemporary society, there is always a relate-able edge to his humour. Current show ‘Old Man’ is a masterclass in the art of complaining.

Rob Rouse | Fri 5 May | Glee Club | £13
Ex-Geography teacher and now big and daft award winning comedian, Rob Rouse’s career path has caused him great concern and provided us with many laughs. It’s a rich vein of material that he mines to great effect in new show ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ Look forward to tales of enforced introspection, a disordered life and the mother of all awkward situations.

Omid Djalili | Fri 5 May | Town Hall | £26.50
It’s been a long and successful journey for Djalili; from his first show at the Edinburgh Fringe “Short, Fat Kebab Shop Owner’s Son” to Hollywood actor, television mainstay and now teetering on the edge of national treasure status. In ‘Schmuck For a Night’ his gentle ribbing and personable approach make for a comforting almost homely atmosphere; no histrionics here, just intelligently layered comedy, oh and belly dancing of course.

Gary Delaney | Sat 6 May | The Old Rep | £14
Son of Birmingham and other half to the comedic genius of Sarah Millican, Delaney is a bionic powered gag telling machine. If one joke doesn’t get you don’t worry there’ll be another along in rapid quick time. Several appearances on TV shows such as Mock The Week and  One Night Stand have seen his comedic stock rise to such a degree he is now rightly regarded as one of the funniest men in Britain.

Freddie Farrell | Sun 7 May | Mockingbird | £1
Local comic Freddie Farrell has been gradually building his profile since his debut in 2010 regularly appearing at venues as diverse as Glee, Jongleurs, Edinburgh Fringe and once in front of a toilet room attendant. Appearing at The Mockingbird for a live recording of his ‘Excuse Me Whilst I Burst Into Flames’ show which is due for release on the American label Comedy Dynamics. Support local comedy and get your laughter recorded for posterity, all for a quid.

Jonny & The Baptists | Thu 11 May | mac | £12
A spirited call to arms from the musical comedy duo Jonny & The Baptists in their show ‘Eat The Poor’, updated to include ‘the fully-fledged shitstorm that’s happened in the world since we first wrote it’. Britain is broken and Paddy and Jonny know how to fix it. The self deprecating left wing revolutionaries shine a wickedly hilarious light on a befuddlingly complex world with a joyously riotous candour.

Reginald D. Hunter | Fri 12 May | New Alexandra | £24.25
The sonorously voiced American comedian is always a welcome addition to any TV show, his head shaking bewilderment at British behaviour coupled with that glorious shoulder shaking giggle are infectious. Hunter is even better live, his searing honesty, laconic delivery and fearless exploration of taboo subjects sets him apart from his peers, he once did a tour entitled ‘Trophy Nigga’. Highly recommended.

Milton Jones | Mon 15 May | Core Theatre | £18
The neurotic comedian with the mad hair always appears one short step away from hospitalisation and his bizarre often surreal comedy reflects this. Jones brings his ‘Nearly Out There: Yet To Be Completed’ show to the Core Theatre which is sure to aggravate his angst to knock out levels, always up for some banter maybe you can help him finish the show? There’s a sharp mind behind the idiot persona, did you know he had written a Christian joke book?

Sold out: Mark Thomas | Wed 17 May | Comedy Junction | £11
Mark Thomas should need no introduction, the left wing rabble rousing comedian has been using his humour to poke around into the affairs of the establishment and annoy them for nigh on three decades. Our favourite stunt was having punk band Chaos UK playing live on the back of a lorry as it drove through a McDonald’s drive through. In his new work in progress show Thomas will be reviewing the incredible events of 2016 and predicting what the future has in store whilst having a cheeky flutter that he just might get it right. Comedy and gambling, why has this not been done before?

Comedy Carousel | Thu 18 May | Glee | £11 
Sofie Hagen has been taken off the line-up for this event, but the show will go on.

Bridget Christie | Sun 21 May | Rep | Sold Out
Much loved comedy whip-cracker and political commentator Bridget Christie is back in Birmingham to ease our politically inspired woes with yet more of her straight talking, rabble rousing, blue-fit throwing energy. Read our full preview here.

Al Murray | Mon 22 May | Rep | £27.50
These are certainly trying times for most of us, the world has suddenly become an uncertain place with Brexit, Trump, climate change, terrorism, far right politics to name but a few. For certainty and reassurance in a disorientating society there’s only one place to turn, Al Murray’s pub landlord. Join him as he posits his manifesto for a brighter future in ‘Let’s Go Backwards Together’, we can feel relief coursing through our veins already.

Pam Ann | Wed 31 May | Town Hall | £22.50
Think Dame Edna as a trolley dolly. International celebrity air hostess Pam Ann’s acid laced tongue knows no limits and her crushing barbs are both terrifying and hilarious. Especially if they are aimed at somebody else. Read our full preview here.

Coming soon 

Jimmy Carr | Sat 10 Jun | Town Hall | £30.50

Tom Green | Wed 14 Jun | O2 Institute | £23

Katy Brand | Sat 17 Jun | mac | £14

Ricky Gervais | Wed 28 Jun | Barclaycard Arena | £28.93

Greg Davies | Mon 9 Oct & Tue 10 Oct | Symphony Hall | £30.50

Henning Wehn | Fri 13 Oct & Sat 14 Oct | Town Hall | £20

Russell Brand | Tue 5 Dec & Thu 8 Dec | Symphony Hall | £30.50

Mon 1 May - Wed 31 May
Giles Logan
Published on:
Fri 19 May 2017