Match and Fuse is a simple but thrilling musical concept. Take bands from different European countries, get them to perform their own sets and then ‘fuse’ together to create new sounds. Absolute genius. Tonight’s event is a Nordic Birmingham sonic sound clash featuring the equine themed post modern jazz mentalists Horse Orchestra. A line up featuring members from Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway will plough through jazz genres from 1920’s New Orleans and Chicago to 1960’s free form. Krokofant hail from Norway and bring with them a wall of noise. Heavy 70’s jazz rock rhythms recalling King Crimson and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Birmingham’s own Stepmother Jag complete the bill with their low end grooves and twisted electronica. A unique and imaginative vision. Go on a musical adventure.

Wed 26 Oct 8pm at Hare  and Hounds, High Street, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7LD £10

Wed 26 Oct
Giles Logan
Published on:
Sun 2 Oct 2016