Second Self encourages you to embrace you’re alter-ego in a night of debauchery and all round good times. Floating like cream to the top of a bubbling melting pot, this event is one of the latest in a shining line-up of excellent LGBTQ nights in the city. In many ways, this is the night we’ve all been waiting for. In an age when social interaction is as much about appearance as it is about music, this night invites you to reclaim your club confidence by becoming another version of yourself, within an accepting and welcoming environment. Described as a night full of ‘performance and personality’ there’s also an unselfconsciously sassy set list featuring Lil’ Kim to Britney and everything in between. The door is open for anyone to perform too, so feel free to drop them a line. Embrace your inner self and let your shadow side shine.

Fri 3 Mar, 11am – 4am, The Village Inn, 152 Hurst Street, Birmingham, B5 6RY, £2

Fri 3 Mar
Hana Borrowman
Published on:
Wed 1 Feb 2017