We are here to confirm that the whispers are true; Birmingham is about to get scammed. The Nightingale Club continues to change things up by bringing us a UK exclusive one night only show and Meet & Greet with one of the most infamous LGBTQ YouTube sensations Joanne The Scammer. Branden Miller the genius behind the queer alter-ego who puts the ‘con’ in Icon reportedly created the character of Joanne the Scammer as an evolution from another alter ego he created as a teenager, Miss Prada and over the last year alone Joanne the Scammer, has duped, conned and convinced us countless times, leaving us reeling and in raucous fits of laughter every time. Scams include an announcement from Rihanna and Drake that included a fake domain, and eventually a trashy, fabulous video featuring Joanne making herself central to the rumours of Rihanna and Drake’s relationship,  oh and the time she got caught shoplifting party supplies and swiftly put the shop security in his place. This Joanne the Scammer’s show is shrouded in mystery but one thing is clear, we’re going to be talking about it all year.

Sat 25 Feb, The Nightingale, 18 Kent Street, B5 6RD, 0121 622 1718, 10pm – 5am. £9 – £16. www.theticketsellers.co.uk

Sat 25 Feb
Rico Johnson-Sinclair
Published on:
Wed 1 Feb 2017