A night of fantastical Midas-like transformation that boasts ‘glitter, freaks and 90’s beats’, the tides are changing in Birmingham’s LGBTQ nightlife scene and nowhere proves this quite like Glitter Shit. Having been around for a year now, Glitter Shit sets an example as the very definition of inclusivity within the gay village, using themes to accentuate queer culture in new and inspiring ways. This event themed ‘Realm of the Fays’ features the usual delights such as the Glitter Girls makeup artistes giving it the shimmer and the Club Freaks a merry band of crazy creatives throwing out dancing, photos, shots and hugs. So don those sequins, wigs and freak’um dresses and be prepared for a night of nymphs, fairies and woodland creatures in abundance.

Fri 24 Mar, The Nightingale, 18 Kent Street, B5 6RD, 0121 622 1718, 11pm – 5am, £3/5. www.fatsoma.com

Fri 24 Mar
Rico Johnson-Sinclair
Published on:
Sun 19 Feb 2017