Innercity Live present a night of sensory overload, headlined by Wayne Coyne’s tirelessly strange cabal of mystics. No-one could accuse The Flaming Lips of being anything but generous; in the last five years, they’ve explored claustrophobic industrial fuzz; messy anti-pop songs with huge casts of collaborators; a 24-hour-long song released on a flash drive in a real human skull; a druggy Sgt. Pepper’s cover album; inexplicably engrossed collaborations with Miley Cyrus; and a return (of sorts) to the unironic fairytale chic of ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’. That would be their new album ‘Oczy Mlody’, moody and impulsive, intentionally scatterbrained electro-pop. But all of the above gets subsumed in the crazy, glittery extravagance of their live shows; it’s there that all these markers and milestones make sense as momentary outbursts on the singular, psychedelic train-ride that the Lips have been riding for 30 years. With the sample-tastic brainiac pop of Public Service Broadcasting, Amber Run and awesome local upstarts Hoopla Blue.

Sat 12 Aug, from 5pm at O2 Academy, 16-18 Horse Fair, Birmingham B1 1DB £35

Sat 12 Aug
Chris Donald - Gigs Editor
Published on:
Sun 30 Jul 2017