Teleman | Tue 2 Oct | Castle & Falcon | £16.75
Teleman head to Birmingham c/o those clever musos at Birmingham promoters to serve up a dose of their neat, explosive indie rock melodies. The London quartet’s debut via Moshi Moshi, Breakfast, buoyed them into prime festival and tour support slots, such as warming up for Metronomy at Albert Hall in 2014, but it was Brilliant Sanity, 2016’s followup on the same label, that has really made their name. Read our full preview

The Nightingales | Tue 2 Oct | Hare & Hounds | £13.20
Indie socialist godfathers The Nightingales have been around for over a hundred years (actual year formed 1979). John Peel favourites and relentless purveyors of rancorous political noise; these lads and lasses have been torturing their instruments with malicious, unrelenting and professional zeal for decades, outlasting a raft of wannabees. Support tonight comes from comedian Stewart Lee who will be performing a set from his 80s oeuvre. Read our full preview here.

Anna Calvi | Thu 4 Oct | Town Hall | £23
Possessed of a uniquely powerful voice, a virtuoso talent on both guitar and violin, Mercury Prize nominee Anna Calvi is a rare talent, her beautifully askew songwriting is very special. Catchy art rock melodies married to a sharply dark and knowing lyricism that recalls PJ Harvey and Siouxsie Sioux. 2014’s One Breath is a stunning album and this years new long player Hunter is just as good, looser and feeling more unshackled than ever before, tracks such as Don’t Beat the Girl out of My Boy stir an almost animalistic pop joy in the senses, primal rock and roll in the tradition of Bowie himself, unforgettable.

The Britanys | Fri 5 Oct | Dark Horse | Free
Sonic Gun once again bring a stunning live lineup to Moseley’s Dark Horse headed up by New York’s The Britany’s, gloriously raw rock and roll that has received glowing praise from such luminaries as NME, an absolute tear up live these guys know how to shred. As if that wasn’t enough three more bands complete an incredible bill, The Americas, The Murder Capital and The Assist.

The Coral | Fri 5 Oct | O2 Institute | £23
There has always been something shambolically reassuring about The Coral, the affable lads from Liverpool, now unbelievably entering their second decade and on to album number nine with the release of Move Through the Dawn. The Coral have always effortlessly shifted through genres and experimentation whilst retaining that peculiar Coral charm. The new album is a sweet and almost aggressively twee throwback to seventies pop balladeering, rife with joyous sentimentality and lilting melancholy. Earnest, comfy and warm, like wearing a big cosy jumper. 

Fatherson | Sat 6 Oct | Sunflower Lounge | £8
The Scottish three piece seem to have been on the cusp of greatness for a while now and with third album Sum of All Your Parts receiving universal acclaim the boys from Kilmarnock may just be about to push through to the next level. There is a distinct Highland flair to Fatherson’s brand of indie tinged rock, swirling mountainous guitar riffs imbibed with a maudlin flair glide over thunderous drums and Ross Leighton’s towering craggy voice.

Art School Girlfriend | Sun 7 Oct | Hare & Hounds | £7.70
Enter the drifting sonic reverie of Art School Girlfriend, a beautifully downbeat experiment in pop electronica from the Margate-based artist Polly Mackey. It’s a head spinning swirl of inventiveness and subtle noise, a sound that gently jars your eyes shut, turns the mind inward and invokes a dreamy solitude. Latest tune Moon is a pure blast of simple and relentless beats underscoring the powerfully languid vocals of Mackey, like thoughtful fingers carefully massaging your psyche.

Pak Yan | Mon 8 Oct | Centrala | £5 otd
Redoutable sonar explorer Pak Yan is a pioneering multi instrumentalist and artist whose minimalist work chimes quietly with the soul, heart and mind. Her experiments in sound; using toy pianos, electronics and synthesizer, are singularly beguiling, waves of energy infused with personality and dark expression. Elemental, stark and never less than arresting, plug your sonic senses into a live experience like no other.


Tue 2 Oct - Mon 8 Oct
Giles Logan
Published on:
Sun 1 Jul 2018