The Seshen | Mon 6 Mar | Hare & Hounds | £6
San Francisco R&B band the Seshen make these afrofuturist grooves and soulful melodies sound easy; never more so than on last year’s ‘Flames & Figures’ LP, which veers from the Little Dragon electro-pop of ‘Right Here’ to the plush, introspective trap sounds of the title track. Performing as a mind-melting seven-piece band, catch them now before California claims them back.

Dutch Uncles | Mon 6 Mar | Hare & Hounds | £10
Much like your actual uncle, Dutch Uncles seem stuck in a time warp where Talking Heads and Tears For Fears still rule the airwaves. They’ve been perfecting their anti-sexy, unfashionable grooves for years now, and they’re damn good at them; in fact there’s a black-hole magnetism to their upbeat, 80s-tastic singles ‘Big Balloon’ and ‘Oh Yeah’ that may just pull you in.

Bill Laurance | Tue 7 Mar | The Glee | £16
As a co-founder of the Grammy-winning nerd-fusion jam band Snarky Puppy, Bill Laurance is the consummate jazz maestro. Last year’s genre-hopping LP ‘Aftersun’ has all the hallmarks of a Snarky project; genres melt together, guided by Laurance’s warm piano tones and a propulsive rhythm section. The Glee Club is undoubtedly the ideal spot to bathe in the glorious, gorgeous rays of a classical muso-fest.

Tinariwen | Wed 8 Mar | The Glee | £22.50
A band of true revolutionaries, Tinariwen have been keeping Mali’s international legacy alive for nearly four decades. The group is a cloud of tangled guitars, fleet-footed riffs, chain-gang slogans and dynamic percussion that has a slowly hypnotic effect, building in intensity. The band’s politics and sound resonate more than ever these days. See our full preview here.

July Talk | Wed 8 Mar | Hare & Hounds | £10
July Talk thrive on contradiction – not least, the vast gulf between Leah Fay’s sultry, matter-of-fact melodies and Peter Dreimanis’s Tom Waitsian growl. It’s the barroom brawl between the two voices that makes July Talk work, while the band deliver a roughed-up take on Metric’s straight-laced rock anthems. With a sense of swagger to rival the Kills, expect these Canadian blues punks to liven things up at the Hare & Hounds.

Chali 2na and Krafty Kuts | Thu 9 Mar | Hare & Hounds | £15
Krafty Kuts’ newest single is a jumble of horns and staggering rhode stabs, a golden-age vehicle with a jet propulsion engine under the hood. Managing to cram Chali 2na’s smooth, woofer-breaking tones into the sonic fray is an achievement in itself, but the biggest coup is that the two are performing at the Hare & Hounds as part of a huge, global tour. Don’t miss these two veterans gracing the stage together.

Gojira | Sat 11 Mar | O2 Academy | £23
The acclaimed French alt-metal outfit turned a corner last year with their sixth LP, ‘Magma’, putting them alongside the high-flying likes of Mastodon and Baroness by melding their considerable chops with iron-clad hooks and palpable emotion. The tech wizardry and death metal growls haven’t gone anywhere, mind you – but widening their horizons suits the band well.

Lao Che | Sat 11 Mar | O2 Institute | £22.50
Exploding like a cranky Gogol Bordello, charging through stadium rock cribbed from Marlene Kuntz, drifting through gorgeous electronic soundscapes – nothing’s really off limits for the cranky Polish cabaret band Lao Che. Somehow, it all works, coming off like the best soundtrack to a Paul Thomas Anderson movie never made. Get your week’s fill of corrosive, explorative punk rock here.

Mon 6 Mar - Sun 12 Mar
Chris Donald - Gigs Editor
Published on:
Thu 9 Feb 2017