These boys are not afraid of the volume dial. Guitars squeal and wail from the first seconds of their latest record Modern Dancing, joined quickly by rattling, swaggering drums played with motorik ferocity. The quiet, quaint streets of Chichester formed the angst of these post-punks, drawled and raspy shouted lyrics speak of having too much life to merely exist but not enough chance to fully escape. The unrest and savagery of Slaves meeting the laid-back mumble of The Strokes with Peter Hook-esque melodic bass makes an interesting and eclectic combination but one that will stop you in your tracks.

Wed 16 Mar, Hare & Hounds Hare & Hounds, 106 High Street, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7JZ. Tel: 0121 444 2081. 7.30pm-11pm, £7 Tickets:

Thu 17 Mar
Alexander Dickens
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Thu 10 Mar 2016