Rumour has it that Charlie Harper was forged in deep underground punk rock mills eons ago and is actually almost a thousand years old. Nothing as rudimentary as age has ever slowed Charlie down though. Still performing hundreds of gigs a year, Chas and the Subs have gone though several line up changes over the years with Harper being the one permanent fixture. Their simple fun melodies tinged with a lyrically political edge saw their punk rock star shine bright for several years including appearances on Top of the Pops. Still releasing new material and still going strong. ‘Warhead”s bass line was the riff a million budding musicians learnt first, including me. Charlie is a true gent and a piece of English musical furniture.

Thu 15 Dec 7pm at The Flapper, Kingston Row, B1 2NU Birmingham £10

Thu 15 Dec
Giles Logan
Published on:
Thu 1 Dec 2016