As the first wave of punk fizzled out in the early eighties, several bands took the energy and dynamism of the punk rock ethic and developed new post punk sounds and imagery. One of the best and most short lived was Theatre of Hate whose anthemic songs and communist iconography set them apart from their peers. Fronted by the charismatic and bequiffed bleach boy Kirk Brandon, who would go on to form Spear of Destiny, they blazed a trail across one album and six singles. ‘Do You Believe in the Westworld?’ is still a classic tune and perfect for flexing those chicken dancing goth muscles to. Reformed and with a new album.

Sun 30 Oct 7pm at O2 Academy, Bristol Street, Birmingham B1 1DB £16.87

Sun 30 Oct
Giles Logan
Published on:
Thu 15 Sep 2016