The UK have been graced with some uncharacteristically splendid weather recently and now everyone is dreaming about what summer will bring. Leftfoot and Shadowcity have been planning ahead for you and they’ve got an event that needs to be added to your calendar asap. What better way to commence summer than with a terrace party watching the sun set over the second city? Not only that but Peggy Gou headlines the event, an up and coming Berlin based Korean DJ who will undoubtedly supply some dark and sultry summer rhythms, as the sun slowly disappears from the sky, casting a pinky orange glow over partygoers. Her music is an abstract knit of unusual, funky rhythms that’ll be the perfect accompaniment to swaying in the sunshine, cold beer in hand. This party is the ideal setting to mark the start of all that summer fun and Peggy Gou will undoubtedly entice those holiday vibes.

Mon 5 Jun, The Rainbow Venues £10

Mon 5 Jun
Hannah Brierley - Theatre/Performing Arts Editor
Published on:
Sat 22 Apr 2017