Shakespeare’s infamous tragedy Macbeth has been adapted by the multi-award-winning Mark Bruce Company into a stunning original dance-theatre piece. Taking the twisted themes of suspicion and dark magic, Bruce sets his adaptation in a strange dystopian underworld. The company of nine communicate through movement this haunting descent into madness and self-destruction. Physically embodying this classic story of the flawed human condition and the horrific consequences of having an insatiable hunger for power. Mark Bruce Company have previously created unique contemporary versions of Dracula and The Odyssey with considerable success. Their new endeavour will no doubt be equally inventive and provide an exquisitely sinister twist on the Bard’s classic.

Thu 8 Feb – Fri 9 Feb, The Patrick Centre at The Birmingham Hippodrome, Hurst Street, Southside, Birmingham, B5 4TB. 8pm, £16/£14/£12.

Thu 8 Feb - Fri 9 Feb
Hannah Brierley - Theatre/Performing Arts Editor
Published on:
Mon 1 Jan 2018