JJP describes his music as blues alt-noir and we really can’t argue with that. Imagine The White Stripes and Nick Cave crawling on their bellies through a filthy swamp of slide guitar so loud and corrosive it peels your face off and you will be someway to the beautiful dark fuzz noise JJP tortures from his guitar. Did we mention he’s from Walsall? Who’d have thunk it? ‘Oh honey bee you got me howling’. Support comes from Birmingham’s very own rabble rousing punk fuzz legends Table Scraps, always a blast live. Trash peddling Brummie boys The Hungry Ghosts complete the bill. Three cool bands for £7? All Hail The Hare & Hounds!

Wed 14 Sep 7.30pm at Hare & Hounds, High Street, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7JZ £7 hareandhoundskingsheath.

Wed 14 Sep
Giles Logan
Published on:
Thu 8 Sep 2016