Danny Brown must have the most immediately recognisable voice in present-day rap, but his new album Atrocity Exhibition is a whole new introduction to the man; throwing his psyche and his sonics in an acid bath to strip them all to a deeper level of raw. Gone are the EDM frat-bangers of Old. In their place: an industrial quagmire of weird, nightmarish samples and sparse, blown-out percussion, that suggests Brown is letting his mind go wherever the hell it wants. Adventurous, morbid, and unique, Brown is that rare beast that straddles critical acclaim and popularity while chasing a frankly unapologetic vision. He’s the excessive party and the murderous comedown in one package; venture out to the Rainbow Warehouse and you can expect a riotous exhibition of both.

Wed 16 Nov, Rainbow, Lower Trinity Street, Birmingham, B9 4AG, Tel: 0121 771 1521, 7pm £18.15 www.seetickets.com

Wed 16 Nov
Chris Donald - Gigs Editor
Published on:
Mon 10 Oct 2016