The Mancunian indie rockers beloved of Morrissey and Bono return with a new album in October ‘Mapping the Rendezvous’. Five albums into a ten year career that has seen many highs and lows, not least the casual loss of the ‘The’ from their name in 2012. Songwriter Liam Fray’s lyrics have always appealed to the blokey indie crowd and in Manchester the boys are legends, especially after ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ was used by Manchester United to celebrate winning their 20th league title. The band have stated they feel they’re getting closer to the swagger of acclaimed debut ‘St Jude’, come see for yourself. Our favourite song? ‘You Overdid it Doll’.

Thu 17 Nov 7pm at O2 Academy, Bristol Street, Birmingham B1 1DB £28.12

Thu 17 Nov
Giles Logan
Published on:
Fri 7 Oct 2016