If being bludgeoned by several hours of the hardest techno imaginable is your thing then you’ll be pleased to hear you can once again worship at the sweaty altar of the House of God. A legendary Birmingham club night that has been providing a haven for sinners since the dawn of time, well at least two decades by our reckoning anyway. HOG’s longevity can be measured in the cool almost familial camaraderie of its events. Hassle free zones where the beats are worshipped. Or maybe its because their PA is so loud getting too close can peel the skin off your face. The annual Halloween tear up has become a bit of a thing and this year’s line up takes no prisoners. The usual residents and rooms to ensure your ears bleed with the addition of some bleep magic from KARENN (Blawan & Pariah)and back to the roots of rave with Jerome Hill.

Fri 28 Oct 10pm – 6am at The Tunnel Club, Livery Street, Birmingam B3 1HL £12 www.facebook.com/

Fri 28 Oct
Giles Logan
Published on:
Wed 7 Sep 2016