“Taking place on a specifically designed rig structure, 5 performers play a huge 3D version of the traditional game of Snakes & Ladders. Players can pass over other players, send their co-players tumbling down snakes to start again and cheat their way up by climbing ladders.”
If you venture down to Centenary square between the 22nd and 24th of July you will see something truly spectacular. And we’re not just talking aesthetically, although watching the strong femininity of a woman conceptually carve out an original interpretation of sin and hard work from the classic board game ‘Snakes and Ladders’, through the use of aerials, ropes, physical theatre and performance poetry in a bustling city centre square will no doubt be stunning to see. But there is something else more intriguing at play. A subtle sense of ennui more in sync with the vices and trials of today than the vast rigs, ladders and ropes at first suggest. Snakes and Ladders was conceived in France and honed in Birmingham and promises an unforgettable display of breathtaking aerial stunts and emotion-invoking theatrics. The piece encompasses dance harness, aerial rope, parkour, physical theatre and performance poetry.
Hour long workshops in Aerials by the company in charge of the piece Rogueplay will be available after each of the daily three performances, so come in comfy clothes and you can get stuck in. And it’s free. Part of Tilt Aerial & Physical Theatre Festival – more previews coming soon.
Fri 22 Jul – Sun 24 Jul, Centenary Square, Birmingham, 1pm & 4pm daily, Free. www.rogueplay.co.uk

Tilt festival info: www.tiltfestival.com

Fri 22 Jul - Sun 24 Jul
Rico Johnson-Sinclair
Published on:
Tue 12 Jul 2016