Audience/participant/skateboarder (delete as applicable), you are invited to attend this unique improvised arts performance by internationally acclaimed artist Sonia Boyce in any or all of these three guises. Taking place against a panoramic backdrop of wallpaper from two of her works Paper Tiger Whisky Soap Theatre and We Move in Her Way showing concurrently at ICA, London, these events will, in turn, generate new wallpaper designs and skateboards to be deployed by Birmingham’s brilliant Eastside Projects. Involving skateboarders and ukulele players, and based on a score by Jorge Gomez Abrante, the performance will be set in the main gallery within Sonia Boyce’s wallpaper works. Boyce will record the event, and use the resulting material to generate new wallpaper, skateboard designs and a film work. The performances will continue throughout the evening so you are welcome to drop in and out at any point. Experienced skaters are invited to bring their boards and participate.

Fri 17 Feb, 6.30pm – 8.30pm Eastside Projects, 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham B9 4AR

Fri 17 Feb
Hana Borrowman
Published on:
Wed 1 Feb 2017