There’s no denying that 2016 has been a year of race. Whether it’s prevalent discussions about the Black Lives Matter movement, or the examination of equality vs equity. And In a time where cultural exploration and experimentation has become paramount to today’s society, Afro Futurism stands out in sharp relief. Afro futurism derives from new age culture that combines Magic Realism with non-western cosmology, Afrocentricity, historical & science fiction and fantasy to scrutinize the modern day issues that inform the politics of colour. As a form of Hip Hop sub-culture it also lends itself well to the experimentation and reappropriation within this art form that makes it so pertinent right now. Cue AfroFlux, an event that serves as an introduction to Afro Futurism brought to you by as part of the B-Side Hip Hop Festival. AfroFlux aims to give you an insight into Afro Futurism through talks, films, and performances. Taking place at Birmingham’s Hippodrome on the 24th of September from 4pm, and continuing on until the early hours for the morning before concluding at 2am, this is a free event for all those wishing to get involved and to explore a new take on black culture, with a fresh a perspective.

Sat 24 Sep, Birmingham Hippodrome, Hurst Street, Birmingham B5 4TB. 4pm – 2am. Free.,

Sat 24 Sep
Rico Johnson-Sinclair
Published on:
Fri 2 Sep 2016