At the cutting edge of artistic innovation, exquisite, intrepid and inspirational art from the brand new bunch of arts graduates. Sample pieces from painting to installation through performance, sculpture and photography and all entirely free. These shows offer a veritable treasure chest of talent just waiting to be exposed to the world and as well as quality artistic creation, they also treat the audience to those precious qualities of yet-to-be-exposed art that includes a special sort of quiet presence, promise and raw potential which makes them utterly unmissable. All are welcome to attend the private viewing on Monday the 13th from 6pm – 8pm and the show continues until Sunday. Move yourself to be moved by the next generation of artists and creative voices.

Mon 13 Jun 6pm – Sun 19 Jun Birmingham University School of Art, Margaret Street, Birmingham B3 3BX. Tue – Wed 10am – 5pm, Sat & Sun 10am – 4pm. Free.

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Mon 13 Jun - Sun 19 Jun
Hana Borrowman
Published on:
Sat 11 Jun 2016