Masters of psychedelic outsider-rock, Pennsylvania’s Dr. Dog haven’t stayed still since their self-released 2001 debut, ‘The Psychedelic Swamp’; and as if to commemorate their own restless, wandering spirit, they revisited that album last year, revamping and re-recording it for a major label release while also working on their new surprise album, ‘Abandoned Mansion’. No-one could call the band anything but generous; the sunburnt sprawl of their songs and the vivacious spirit of their live shows keeps their music in an eternally youthful, upbeat place, a veritable encyclopaedia of feel-good psychedelia from 70s American rock. ‘…Mansion’ hardly rewrites the Dr. Dog template, but it adds confidently to it; the band’s bottomless well of soft snare shuffles, rambling guitar-picking riffs and heart-warming harmonies shows no sign of drying up. Catch these wonderful weirdos in flight, outta time and at close quarters at Mama Roux’s.

Tue 27 Jun 7pm at Mama Roux’s, 23 Lower Trinity St, Birmingham B9 4AG. £10.

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Tue 27 Jun
Chris Donald - Gigs Editor
Published on:
Sun 4 Jun 2017