Oh boy oh boy oh boy. We’re very excited about this. Yan Jun is a legendary Chinese cultural provocateur composing poetry, manipulating noise, writing, improvising and making music. Recently visiting his audience’s homes as part of the Living Room Project Tour where he would create sonic soundscapes with whatever was available; furniture, kitchenware,  anything. Yan viewed this as destabilising of traditional hierarchy; there is no difference between professional and amateur, large or small, the quality is reliant on audience devotion. Yan is joined by Dirty Electronics who build and use instuments as part of their performance, teasing and manipulating sound to extreme degrees. Yan and Dirty Electronics have promised an ‘evening of provocations, noise, text and collective contortions.’ A temporary environment like no other that will subvert and stretch audience expectations. Centrala is hosting some remarkably imaginative and inventive art happenings for next to nothing, this event is only £3. One of the best arts venues in the city.

Fri 9 Dec 8pm Centrala, Unit 4 Minerva Works Birmingham, B5 5RT £3 OTD centrala-space.org.uk/

Fri 9 Dec
Giles Logan
Published on:
Tue 6 Dec 2016