Just when we needed them most, Trash Talk surprise-dropped their free EP ‘Tangle’ at the tail-end of last year: an inflamed-eye glare into the abyss, daring it to blink first. Now the Sacramento thrash punks are dragging their downright notorious live show to English soil, wringing the necks of their guitars to squeeze out every possible drop of discordant chaos. There are few bands short of Converge whose dirty low-end noise can make your fear your own spontaneous combustion, but Trash Talk are one of them. Our favourite Brummie afropunkers Youth Man bring their sleazy thrash anthems in support. If you highly value your own sweat, maybe just stay home in the nice, clean world you understand.

Fri 03 Mar, 7.30pm at The Flapper, Cambrian Wharf, Birmingham B1 2NU, £12 www.seetickets.com

Fri 3 Mar
Chris Donald - Gigs Editor
Published on:
Thu 2 Feb 2017