Three of the UK’s most inventive indie noise troubadours descend on The Flapper for a wild triumvirate of sound journeying through the delicate whimsy of The Astronauts, the batshit brass psychedelia of The Cravats and the feedback juggernaut of The Membranes. With a combined age of ten thousand years these boys have learned how to make a glorious racket. The Astronauts were involved in the free festival scene of the early eighties and on the fringes of the anarcho-punk scene that thrived throughout this period. Founder member Mark Astronaut recently changed his name by deed poll to Mark Apocalypse, expect a darker side. The Cravats were active in the same scene, though their belligerent eccentricity always set them apart, sax driven psychotic disco funk filtered through a bizarre lyrical menagerie. Big favourites of John Peel founder member The Shend went on a trippy detour with the wonderful Very Things before returning to the toytown ditties of The Cravats. Music journo John Robb’s The Membranes will rattle your skulls with their high energy discordant thrash noise. Plug your senses into seminal feedback onslaught ‘Spike Milligan’s Tape Recorder’ and experience your brain melt under the pressure.

Sat 4 Nov 7pm at The Flapper, Kingston Row, Birmingham B1 2NU £14

Sat 4 Nov
Giles Logan
Published on:
Sun 13 Aug 2017