The experimental noise gods, lorded over by the incomparable Micheal Gira, first brought their savage tower of sound to these parts in 1987 at the legendary Mermaid in Sparkhill. We can remember being terrified the venue would collapse as the enormous Swans rig rattled the windows and shook the foundations, not to mention our skulls. Swans brutal no wave growl first hammered its way into our consciousness, like nails through flesh, in a series of intimidating eighties albums ‘Filth’, ‘Cop’ and ‘Greed’, producing a level of intensity so profound it was at times unbearable. 2016’s ‘The Glowing Man’ shows the Swans maturation over the years, but the earnest humming and ear shredding drone remains in several songs as Gira drags the listener through every emotion. Gloomy, eclectic and never less than ferociously challenging, Swans inhabit an orbit into which we will all be sucked. It is inevitable.

Wed 24 May 6.30pm at Asylum, 38-43 Hampton Street, Hockley, Birmingham B19 3LS £23.50

Wed 24 May
Giles Logan
Published on:
Thu 11 May 2017