Colours ft Darkzy | Sat 22 Jul | Rainbow | from £11
‘Hold tight man like Darkzy, yeah?’ If you’re involved in the bassline scene in any capacity, chances are you’ll have heard this at some point in the dance at your local rave. Chances are this ‘tag’ will have preceded an unspeakably ignorant drop that blurs the line between music and electronic tantrum. This is Elliot Fisher’s speciality, fast-rising DJ/producer hailing from Nottingham who finds himself topping the bill on this bassline takeover of the Rainbow’s Roof Garden. Fisher is joined by likeminded selectors Ussy and DJ Chef, while 02.31 boss Tom Shorterz leads a vinyl-only party down in the Secret Garden alongside Rothstein, Lopaski and more. See our feature here.

Also see Terry Hall DJ set at Hare & Hounds Sat 22 Jul, preview here.

Fidget: The Summer Terrace Sessions 2 | Fri 21 Jul | Rainbow | from £5.50
By now, you’re probably familiar with the formula: fresh air, big tunes and good vibes all night long up on the terrace of the Rainbow Venues. And if you’re not, now’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about, as longstanding Birmingham brand Fidget get things moving for party no. 2 of 4. Sadly enough, this is something of a farewell tour for Fidget, who are set to bow out of the rave scene by November, so this could be your last ever chance to experience their uniquely bassy take on house music. Fidget veterans Development and Donkie Punch headline yet again, who will be keeping things fresh with a mix of dirty bassline wobblers, frenetic d’n’b and deep-down-low bass house bangers.

PARTY: Festival Season Special | Thu 20 Jul | PRYZM | from £3
Billed as Birmingham’s biggest mid-week event, PARTY take over superclub giant PRYZM for an indoor festival experience like no other. The summer is really starting to get underway and so is festival season, with Glastonbury leading us towards many months ahead of booze, tunes and garish get-ups. This Thursday, PARTY celebrate with showers of confetti and inflatables, set to the tune of house, R&B and hip hop. With doubles from £2.50 and the promise of free tents, tickets and beds, you could quite feasibly walk away from this night out with more than you went in with…

Thu 20 Jul - Sat 22 Jul
Greg Woodin
Published on:
Sat 15 Jul 2017