Embrace of The Serpent (Dir: Ciro Guerra, 2015, cert tbc).
Rarely does a film universally wow audiences and critics alike, but the Oscar nominated ‘Embrace of the Serpent’ is just such a film. Shot in beautiful monochrome, Guerra’s ‘ecstatic truth’, as Herzog would put it, transports the viewer to the edge of civilisation and follows its creeping malaise as it consumes and corrupts innocence. Based on a true story, ‘Embrace’ is a poetic lesson in the destructive power of colonialism.
Tue 21 Jun 2pm & Thu 23 Jun 8.10pm at The mac £8.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Dir: Jim Sharman, 1975, cert 15).
“Prepare the transit beam.” it’s time to dig out the suspenders, basque and high heels. The greatest B-movie musical of all time is screening at The Electric this Friday. Tim Curry is uproariously camp as alien transvestite Frank-n-Furter, creating a perfect male creature and encouraging copious bed hopping between his sexually repressed guests. Kitsch with a thousand capital Ks and an obvious influence on punk fashion. Richard O’Brien’s baby is as much fun today as it was 40 years ago!
Fri 24 Jun 9.15pm at The Electric, £8.70.

Once Upon a Time in the West (Dir: Sergio Leone, 1968, cert 12).
A Leone Western on the big screen is a no brainer really, but when it’s the epic ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ you have no excuses for not going. Henry Fonda gets real mean and dirty as the evil gun toting rapist Frank, a master stroke of casting against type. Incredibly self-referential and not just one of the best Westerns of all time, one of the best films of all time. Throw in one of Ennio Morricone’s most imaginative scores and you have a masterpiece of cinema, highly recommended. Part of The Cinematic Time Machine season.
Sat 25 Jun at The Electric 2pm, £8.70.

Spirited Away (Dir: Hayao Miyazaki, 2001, cert PG).
Many anime connoisseurs’ Miyazaki favourite and coming from a canon of work that is universally genius that’s a hard pick. Sumptuously animated throughout in the beautiful Studio Ghibli style, the ideas and imagination expressed in the Land of the Spirits is breathtaking. Nothing is as it seems and nothing can be trusted. Do not accept gold from ‘No-Face’, beware of ‘stink spirits’ and leave your parents at home unless you want them turned into pigs. A film that improves with every viewing. Now you must excuse me. I’m off to ‘Yubaba’s’ bath house.
Sun 26 Jun 3pm (& Thursday 30th June 5.45pm) at The Electric £8.70.
Sat 25 Jun at the mac, 2pm ,£3. Please note that this is a screen juniors event and features the dubbed soundtrack. www.macbirmingham.co.uk

The Warriors (Dir: Walter Hill, 1979, cert 15).
Taking us back to the age of VHS. A real ‘first film I ever rented’ coming-of-age classic. Thrilling adventure as our boys struggle to get home to Coney Island, through gang infested New York City, after being framed for murder. No Crips or Bloods here. The Warriors must fight the Turnbull ACs, the Orphans, the Baseball Furies, the Lizzies and the Rogues to get home, not to mention the police. Colourful, violent, snappy and featuring the world’s greatest film set, 70s New York. “Warriors come out to play.”
Sun 26 Jun 7pm at The Mockingbird, £10 (includes ‘posh dog’ meal).

Matar a un Hombre (Dir: Alejandro Fernández Almendra, 2014, cert 15).
Brutal Chilean revenge drama that keeps the audience at arm’s length throughout. None of the black and white moral platitudes seen in the likes of Harry Brown and Eden Lake are found here. “To Kill a Man” is a slow fuse of a movie featuring a fine performance from Daniel Candia as ‘Jorge’ whose psyche is gradually dismantled by events around him. The violence is cold, powerful and not salacious. Indeed, the majority of the violence happens off screen. If your imagination is filling in the blanks, it’s a hell of a lot worse. A desperate and powerful study of one man’s moral agony based on real life events.
Sun 26 Jun 2pm at The mac £8.

Absolute Beginners (Dir: Julian Temple, 1986, cert 12).
Part of the brilliant Bowie celebration happenings at The Lighthouse Theatre on Saturday. See our feature here.

Tue 21 Jun - Sun 26 Jun
Giles Logan
Published on:
Wed 22 Jun 2016