Mysterious vinyl-only, no-interviews-please duo Paranoid London make acid house. Flaunting a greyscale aesthetic and an off-beat sense of humour hinted at in their, erm, ‘interesting’ music videos (to say the least – take a look at the clip below), the product that Paranoid London peddle is somewhat different to their contemporaries, and proudly so. Never content to take the well-trodden path, the DJ/production pair paint with the sonic palette of their hometown London while taking influence from across the pond in Chicago to create their somewhat anachronistic sound. Ever elusive, seeing these two in action is akin to spotting a rare bird while out walking in the countryside, so get your binoculars at the ready: blink and you’ll miss them. Jump-up drum & bass man Macky Gee also stars without the usual SaSaSaS entourage, alongside rising bassline selector Skepsis.

Sat 12 Aug, Rainbow, Lower Trinity Street, Birmingham, B9 4AG, Tel: 0121 771 1521, 10pm-6am, from £11,

Sat 12 Aug
Greg Woodin
Published on:
Tue 1 Aug 2017