Somewhere in the city centre, revellers queue up outside an abandoned nightclub. Just hours before, they received a text message notifying them that the address they now stand outside is where the night’s events will go down. One by one they enter the building, and at midnight, the doors are locked and a hedonistic night of house, bassline and UK garage commences. It’s a throwback to the illegal raves of the late 80s and ‘90s, where promoters would communicate with ravers through pirate radio and word of mouth; where party-goers would meet up at remote locations to find out where the next one was going to be held, attempting to throw police off the scent in any way they could. While those days have passed and that exhilarating sense of danger with it, there is one factor that, while evolving and changing shape, remains a constant: the music. And music is something this event is well-equipped to deliver. With a strict capacity of 300 and no option to pay on the door, get your tickets now to avoid disappointment.

Sat 16 July, Birmingham City Centre, 10pm, from £12.50,

Sat 16 Jul
Greg Woodin
Published on:
Sun 10 Jul 2016