The gentleman journalist, and one time keyboard player for Frank Sidebottom, Jon Ronson has made a speciality of politely probing into the dark never reaches of human behaviour. Through subjects as diverse as extremists, psychopaths and soldiers staring at goats, Ronson’s disarming and engaging charm has unlocked the most obtuse of minds. An irresistibly semi lugubrious squint into the soul that manages to harvest the most interesting of responses. The Psychopath Test is one of Ronson’s most illuminating books and may even confirm long held suspicions about those around you, particularly your boss. Ronson uses the twenty part Hare test, devised by psychologist Robert D. Hare to determine psychopathy, on business and government leaders with startling results and then dissects how useful this rigid information actually is. Ronson will be discussing the events that led to The Psychopath Test with special guests Mary Turner Thomson and Eleanor Longden, you won’t know them but don’t google them either as it will spoil the evening.

Mon 20 Mar 7.45pm at the Rep, Broad St, Birmingham B1 2EP £25

Mon 20 Mar
Giles Logan
Published on:
Wed 8 Mar 2017