There is something deeply unsettling about the rumbling bass melodies on the first two PiL albums. Seething guttural blocks of dirty dark noise that inspire a frightening and riveting aural terror, throw in the whining nasal scorn of John Lydon’s vocals and here was an avalanche of nightmare sounds that had never been experienced before. Death Disco contains possibly the greatest bass line of all time. Jah Wobble is a legend without compare and over the years has been the go to session musician for a raft of musicians wanting effortless muscle in their tunes. Bringing Wobble’s bass to a musical fist fight guarantees a knockout victory. His eclectically consistent career began with the Four Johns; a band that included Sid Vicious (John Ritchie), Wobble was born John Wardle, and continues on with the Invaders of the Heart. Up close and personal in the Hare and Hounds this will be a monster of a gig. Expect fillings to displace and skulls to rattle as the bass meltdown hammers your very core. Jah Wobble is a musical icon and missing this would be cultural suicide. Boom.

Fri 2 Jun 7pm at Hare and Hounds, High Street, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7JZ £15

Fri 2 Jun
Giles Logan
Published on:
Fri 10 Mar 2017