If you missed the uproarious nine piece Hackney Colliery Band at their barnstorming open air mac gig last year then you really can’t afford to make the same mistake twice. Ploughing through a livewire set of shiny brassed up classics and original tunes the HCB gang energised, enthused and enthralled a sell out crowd. You haven’t lived until HCB have manipulated your toe tapping muscles with a huge horny rendition of The Prodigy’s “Out of Space”. Guaranteed to put a smile on the grumpiest of faces. If you don’t dance to this, seek immediate medical attention, you’re probably dead. There’s a new live album due in May and whilst you’re waiting for that we heartily recommend you get your brass loving mitts on last year’s classic ‘Sharpener’. Clever joyous fun.

Sat 13 May 7.45pm at the Repertory Theatre, Broad St, Birmingham B1 2EP £17.50 www.birmingham-rep.co.uk

Sat 13 May
Giles Logan
Published on:
Mon 1 May 2017