There was a time when horror and sci fi conventions meant more than ritualistic queueing for the serial abduction of your hard earned cash in return for an autograph and selfie. The proliferation of such events is testament to the esteem in which we hold our heroes but also a stark reminder of the grubby cash cows they have become. At the bigger events minders will give short shrift, and sometimes quite aggressively, to anyone daring to take an unpaid for photograph of a star. Luckily for us Birmingham Horror Group has organised a refreshing antidote to these nefarious shenanigans with their FearFest event. For queueing read mingling, as punters can share a pint and a chat with luminaries from the world of horror and if it is their want grab a selfie and autograph too. Guest of honour is the legendary cult film director Norman J Warren, whose ‘Bloody New Year’ screened at the Electric last year as part of their Trash Film nights. In addition there are forums with industry experts; actress Eileen Daly will be presenting one of her own films, locally shot ‘The House of Screaming Death’ will receive its Birmingham premiere and horror classic ‘Theatre of Blood’ gets a rare outing with a surprise guest linked to the film appearing. Writers, film makers, stalls and a wonderfully convivial atmosphere, just like the old days.

Sat 28 May 11am at The Gunmakers Arms, 93 Bath St, Birmingham B4 6HG £15

Sun 28 May
Giles Logan
Published on:
Sun 7 May 2017