What a month September promises to be for Birmingham. Celebrate the city cinematic style with Flatpack’s Birmingham on Film season and then flesh it out first-hand at Birmingham Heritage Week with over 200 events giving historical and cultural perspective to our great city. Indeed, there is some overlap with a screening of ‘Mitchell & Kenyon in Birmingham’ at the mac being part of both events, amongst others. We’re really looking forward to the Tolkien tour with The Two Towers Brewery including samples of their wondrous locally brewed beer, details here. The pick for us though, is a ‘Peaky’ tour around Digbeth starting at Birmingham’s oldest pub the Old Crown and in the company of the esteemed and enigmatic historian Professor Carl Chinn, info here. Please check out the brochure and expect daily Twitter updates from us throughout.

Thu 8 Sep – Sun 18 Sep, various venues, prices & times. birminghamheritageweek.co.uk/

Thu 8 Sep - Sun 18 Sep
Giles Logan
Published on:
Tue 6 Sep 2016