The 11th annual BASS Festival kicks off on the 10th November, with shows across the course of the month celebrating outstanding hip-hop artists past and present. Here’s our top picks, see the Punch Records website for the full list.

Diamond D Vs. Large Professor | Fri 18 Nov | Spotlight | £5
What can five quid get you these days? How about two legendary New York MCs sharing a DJ set of their favourite 45s, followed by live performances of their own material? Stick a pin anywhere in the map of 90s boom-bap history and you’ll find a string tracing you back to at least one of these two exemplary gentlemen, who’ve worked with A Tribe Called Quest, KRS-One, The Fugees, Brand Nubian and Nas for starters. Respecting your elders begins here.

Robert Glasper Experiment | Sun 20 Nov | Town Hall | £20.25
This generation’s Herbie Hancock performs under his electric ‘Experiment’ moniker at Birmingham Town Hall. An outstanding jazz pianist in his own right, Glasper’s Experiment is the place where he breaks ground, grabbing whatever influences and sounds he damn well pleases; which means this is an opportunity to see a world-class talent let loose. See our full preview here.

Radio That Changed Lives: An Evening with Bobbito Garcia & Stretch Armstrong | Tue 22 Nov | IMAX, Millennium Point | £7 – 10
‘Radio That Changed Lives’ is no overstatement in Stretch and Bobbito’s documentary about their 1990s cult radio show that brought Nas, Biggie, Wu-Tang, Jay-Z, Eminem and the Fugees to a wide audience. Screening the film at the IMAX is a good draw already, but Stretch and Bobbito themselves will be on hand to talk about their history and take a Q&A. It’s a historical nostalgia trip, but the sheer wealth of experience and talent speaks for itself.

Thu 10 Nov - Mon 28 Nov
Chris Donald - Gigs Editor
Published on:
Fri 18 Nov 2016